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Near & Far – A Weekend in Savannah

Guest article written by meteorologist Monique Robinson of WFMY News

The city of Savannah is rich, enticing, and filled with culture. The thriving metropolis is preserved through historical architecture. Traces of colonial America remain evident through the contemporary sounds of the city. If the cobblestone streets could tell stories, they would surely be compelling.

When was the last time you took a break from your regular routine like the daily views of the city streets you pass on your commute to work or the trees you regularly gaze at from your window when your mind escapes into an abyss of thoughts? My name is Monique Robinson. I am a meteorologist in Greensboro, North Carolina. My days in the newsroom have been overwhelmed with work! Inputting my best foot forward for a couple of months now as a new face in the office, I needed a much-needed break.

One of my favorite places to reconnect with my inner peace is the beach! So, that’s the exact place I ventured to.

Prior to Greensboro, I worked in Wilmington, North Carolina. I loved that coastal city. That community poured into me, grew me, and made me a better woman, but I needed something new. A new experience. A new territory. An opportunity to be free. An opportunity to explore. Something my best friend and I desperately needed to experience, so together we decided to pursue an adventure to Savannah.

The small town was bustling with business when we arrived. There was an unspoken truth that flowed across every street and alleyway: “you are welcome here.” I felt like a stranger; yet, like a familiar face the whole time.

My best friend and I walked along the busy riverfront. From storefront to storefront, there was so much for the eye to see. The strong scents of praline danced across our noses as we passed candy shop after candy shop. Breaks from chocolate scents were met by the savory scents of seafood. We gazed in the window of each storefront and occasionally caught the eyes of a person taking a break from a bite of their delicious meal or a unique Savannah souvenir dangling in the window of a gift shop. We walked for about a mile, but couldn’t help ourselves to stop at one of the small business shops—a local art gallery.

Walking around the small, quaint two-story shop, my eyes were drawn to the African-American art that silently told the story of African history with colorful paintings of black dancers and African-American soldiers. The titles of the pieces were very vague, but the focus of the work inspired me to briefly let my mind escape in developing a story behind these profound masterpieces. From crafted jewelry to handbags, the gallery was infused with varying stories reflecting the beauty of this Georgia city.

As the night continued to overtake the day, we found ourselves in a Mexican restaurant for dinner—diving deep into chimichangas, tacos, and margaritas.

Day two was nothing short of amazing, starting off the day nestling our toes in the sand and watching the sun bring light to the day. A great space to “woosah” and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.

The hour of Tybee beach exploration was a refreshing way to start the day and, as our stomachs grew hungry for breakfast, we trekked our way back to the historic town to a hipster coffee shop. Of all the menu items, the chicken biscuit with gravy stole my heart. It was delicious. Following a satisfying breakfast, we walked around the downtown area. Each store we passed featured some unique display that drew us to further explore inside. We did this for several blocks.

The Paris Market was one of the memorable stops—engrossed with European culture from macaroons to classical home decor.

As the day turned to night once again, we ventured back to the streets of Savannah for a final night of fun with friends and strangers turned friends.

The night was overwhelmingly filled with food and adventure. A seafood catch was our first find. I had a shrimp po’boy, which was followed by a stop at fine dining where I let my sweet tooth indulge in a strawberry cheesecake. Following this treat, we headed back to the riverfront. Bars were bustling with laughter and cheers with football fans masking the commentary of the television screen. We watched from a rooftop bar.

After briefly capturing the pure joy of sports fans, we visited the art gallery that flowed through the Marriott hotel vestibule featuring crystals galore of all shapes, colors, and sizes. A towering silver dinosaur fossil stretched across much of the ceiling making it quite the place to see.

While investigating the intricacies of the hotel lobby turned art gallery, the classic church drum beating sounds of a band echoed from a small corner. We drew closer to the sound to find a full band and passers-by grooving to the beat. Of course, we had to join the party! As the band rocked out to classic R&B/Soul hits, my friend and I danced to the makeshift dance floor the crowd of passers-by formed in front of the band.

The sweet sweat was worth it and a walk through the city streets was a great cool down.

Navigating our way through dozens of hands holding waffle cones topped with mounds of ice cream and cups of cocktails, we landed at our final destination of the night– a karaoke bar.

A small, but crowded bar overflowing with joy as a bridal party shared their joyous occasion with every other bar attendee. We all basked in the Saturday night fun and sang to the classic 90s hits across all genres.

A great way to end the night of a splendid weekend.

  • Monique Robinson – WFMY News

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