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Connecting Generations and Families

Behind the Design – Milton

Village Park Milton, located across from Wills Park, is an extension of its natural surroundings and maximizes the picturesque views while embracing local culture and adjacencies to outdoor venues. In addition to elevating the senior living experience with an amenity-rich hospitality environment, Village Park’s flexible care model is designed to help residents gracefully age-in-place.

The community is inspired by the industrial farmhouse vernacular of the region and is infused with the local contemporary urban aesthetic.

Designed to maximize views, varied opportunities for dining and entertainment include Coffee Bar, Bistro, and Chef-led Dining Venue with an enclosed terrace, all offering indoor and al-fresco experiences. Grand in scale, the light and airy amenity spaces such as the Great Hall, Theater, and Open-Air Terraces provide a wealth of space for events and entertainment. Within many of the venues are smaller spaces or “nooks” designed to create more intimate spaces for residents to converse and connect. Found most notably in the Library, Main Dining, and corridors, nooks are often created using plants, textures, and upholstered banquets to define the space in a soft and inviting way.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are found throughout the campus to encourage connection to nature—a major theme to the overall design concept. The community’s location next to Wills Park enables this connection to flow seamlessly from Village Park’s campus into the surrounding area.

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